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The DFI was founded in 2015 as a resource center and training initiative for start-up entrepreneurs.  Through its intensive 3-month training and mentorship program, entrepreneurs are assisted with the development of their business canvas and customer discovery process while simultaneously being  mentored by professionals and guided to business resources to maximize potential for success. 

Students and Teacher in Classroom

NEW IN 2021!

DFI is thrilled to announce launch of the

WKI Methodology 

The WKI Methodology (So What? Who Cares? Why You?) works around a framework that helps our teams better understand product/market fit, customer discovery, differentiation and financial viability.  Contact us today to learn more about our WKI Certified trainers.


What Our Entrepreneurs Have to Say

It has been an honor for me to be with you over the past few weeks. Imagine, me a simple business man and cook, rubbing elbows with really brilliant, and good people.

Honestly, I think that all of your theses are remarkable, and marketable, but one thing I do know, the road is long and not just bumpy but crater like bumps. You must ask yourself and answer honestly this question; Am I willing to risk it all, financially, physically and emotionally.

I may be PhD-less, but I can tell you this; I’ve been fighting a fight for my life with Phoenix. Over the past two years, I asked myself every day; Should I surrender? And the answer is always the same; “I cannot let these men and the community down.”

And look where I am – I’m still at the starting line. This is what Christina said last night – and there will be many starting lines until you reach the dream.

I hope that this Team keeps in touch – It would be fun to get to know one another more.

And what can we say about all of the people behind the scenes and all the people that gave their time, to help us? You can’t put a price on that kind of care – you see, they’re passionate and they still fight to keep this program alive, and for what? But they continue to give and in the end this isn’t this what life is all about? 

Anthony Stella

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